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Jacksonville, Florida

I'm Cecilia Mitchell Miller, a birth doula (DONA-trained) with over 30 years
experience supporting women during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. My emphasis is on natural childbirth,
but I want every woman to have the birth SHE envisions for HERSELF. I support clients in the birthplace of
their choice, whether they choose home, birth center or hospital.

If you'd like to know more about what a doula does, please feel free to ask me. You might also want to
check out DONA - International or The Birth Company owned by Rae Davies, my DONA trainer.

I am an affiliated childbirth educator trained and certified to teach The Bradley Method®.
I have several small group classes scheduled throughout the year.

Cecilia provides support to her daughter Jessica during transition

I am happy to offer gift certificates if you would like to pay for all or part of the fee
for Bradley® classes or doula services for someone you love.

I accept payment via cash, checks or Paypal.

Email me at for more information.

Cecilia and Rachel, a repeat client, student and friend
(photo courtesy of Sharon Schmidt, LM, CPM)

"Even ninety-year-old women still talk about childbirth. I think you tell the story over and over
again to keep from feeling the loss of that experience. To have participated so directly in the
creation of life and to have held that life within you is so exciting...
And every time you tell that story, you're trying to get back to the miracle."
---Judy Myerson

Cecilia with Candice Y, a client, student and friend
(photo courtesy of Stephanie Lynn Kloeckner)

"It may be worth considering that ultimate satisfaction with the experience of giving birth
may not be related to lack of pain."

---Sarah Buckley

Cecilia provides support to Candice B, client/student/friend
(photo courtesy of Lori Lee Photography)

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