Dining at the Head Table

I'm writing about an experience I had while breastfeeding. Colby was eleven days old, and we were at my parents' 25th wedding anniversary party. Everyone was enjoying Colby's company since it was the first time many of them had seen him. As we were being served our food, Colby was being passed around to different family members. My husband and I were at the head table so we were already eating. Colby started fussing so someone brought him back to me and I started to nurse him.

The people at our table continued on with various conversations. My cousin came over and started talking to us, squatting down behind my right shoulder. He was having a conversation with my Grandmother and me when, all off a sudden, he stood up (waaaay up since he is about 6'4") and said very loudly, "You're breastfeeding"! I simply smiled and nodded. He was so embarrassed that he left and did not return to our table the rest of the night, although he came back later and apologized.

Apparently, nobody in my family has breastfed since our parents. I guess I must be the smartest one in the family. ;) Everyone in the hall did look over towards our table when my cousin shouted, but it did not bother my husband, Colby or me if everyone knew what we were doing!

Please feel free to use my story. Maybe it will help others see how comfortable a mother can get about breastfeeding in public and why it's important to do so. To be honest, if it hadn't been for one of my friends breastfeeding, I probably wouldn't have done it either. But... once I did it and found out how easy and enjoyable it was, there was no stopping me.

Breastfeeding in Public
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