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Over the years, I've shared a lot of great music with my kids. I wish I could create a really comprehensive list of all the songs and musicians we've experienced together, but that would take DAYS. Instead, I've started a list here of music we've enjoyed recently. Where available, I've included links for finding out more about the songs and musicians. Enjoy... and keep singing!

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Most of these musical selections are available from I've had nothing but positive experiences purchasing books and music online from so I feel very comfortable recommending that you buy from them. Just click on the image of the CD cover for each selection to find out about purchasing the CD or tape from, where available, or from some other online source I've managed to find. If you'd like to search for other CDs, books or toys from, just click on the Amazon Associate logo.

Music for Little People - There are so many cool tapes and CDs available from this company. Many of our favorites listed below are also offered by MFLP. I've tried to notate the ones that are available from MFLP, but I urge you to go check out their site anyway. They have lots of fun music there. Let me know if you try something and love it, and I'll add it to this page!

Ladyslipper Music is, according to their website, "a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to heighten public awareness of the achievements of women artists and musicians and to expand the scope and availability of recordings by women." How can I *NOT* support that with my money and a link?

"Hand in Hand (Songs Of Parenthood)" - This is a wonderful CD with songs by a wide variety of artists, including Sweet Honey in the Rock, Joni Mitchell, Bobby McFerrin and Marc Cohn. Also available from Music for Little People.

Various Artists - "The Celtic Lullaby" - The music on this CD is so relaxing and beautiful; I bring it to work and listen to it in my office when I'm having a rough day.

Judy Collins - "Baby's Bedtime" - Traditional lullabies sung in Judy's inimitable style. This was one of my son's bedtime favorites for many years.

"For Our Children Too!" - This CD, which includes music by Babyface, Seal, Celine Dion, Natalie Merchant and many other well-known artists, is dedicated to Elizabeth Glaser and was produced to benefit the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. You'll hear some terrific music and help a worthy cause in the process.

"Lest the Harp Strings Unravel" - I heard the most beautiful harp music in San Francisco on a recent visit. I found the source as I walked into the center courtyard of Ghirardelli Square and saw a gorgeous Celtic harp - being played by an equally gorgeous man, Aryeh Frankfurter. I bought this CD that day. I listen to it often and have never tired of it.

Art Garfunkel - "Songs From A Parent To A Child" - I'm a sucker for Art Garfunkel's gentle voice and sweet harmony. This is great bedtime music for co-sleeping families because it appeals to children AND their parents.

Scott Johnson and Rob Babcock - "Googol On!" - Two daddies who set out to make music the whole family could enjoy... and they succeeded! They define "googol on" as "to live as big as you can; to do what you love to do; to trust what you feel and think for yourself; to sing your own song." And that's just what they do on this CD! Lots of fun and very sweet, too.

Scott Johnson - "Passages" - This CD includes a number of songs from Googol On! and is dedicated to Hospice (25% of the proceeds from this CD are donated to Hospice). Scott tells me, "It was inspired by my work with the Hospice of Boulder County and my father's death last year. It's a celebration of those coming into the world and those passing on." I found it very touching and sweet.

Kenny Loggins - "Return to Pooh Corner" - Kenny made this CD to celebrate the birth of his fourth child. He seems like a real attachment parenting daddy. There's even a picture on the liner of him with his baby in a sling.

Various Artists - "Lullaby: A Collection" - A dozen lullabies from around the world, featuring a wide variety of artists from Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Tish Hinojosa to Loreena McKennitt. This is a link to, but the CD is also offered on the Music for Little People site.

"Peace Is The World Smiling: A Peace Anthology For Families" - You gotta love a CD with tunes by people like Pete Seeger, Babatunde Olatunji, Holly Near, Taj Mahal and Sweet Honey in the Rock.

The Roches - "Will You Be My Friend?" - This is *such* a fun CD! The lyrics are at times hilarious, at times touching, at times comforting, at times just plain inspired in their fresh and natural understanding of a child's world. And, maybe because I so enjoyed (and still enjoy) singing with my mother, sisters and children, I think there's just something wonderful about three adult sisters singing and playing together to make good music! They're also joined by their brother and children on some of the songs. Trevor and I play this one in the car and sing harmony right along with them. Too much fun!

Ellen Roos - "Lavender and Morning Sun" - One day, I got an email from Ellen Roos saying that she had visited my website and thought I might like her music. I listened to a few .wav files and decided I had to have her CD. Since then, it has become one of our favorites. The CD/tape is available exclusively from Passion Flower Music.

Betsy Rose - "Motherlight" - This CD is a wonderful tribute to mothering the way it's supposed to be done, with consciousness and passion. The CD is available through a limited number of distributors so you won't find it at any colossal music-selling website.

John Tercyak - "Small Stuff Kid Songs" - A charming collection of familiar children's songs played and sung by a loving daddy for his sons. I was delighted to listen and sing along with John as he sang so many of the songs I have sung to my own children (and that I sang as a child myself). It really made me smile to hear "You Are My Sunshine", which my Jessica often requested as a child - and which I heard her singing to her baby brother many times... and nowadays, to her own baby boy. :) Very nice.

If you have any questions about any of this music or you have some favorite music for kids that I haven't yet included, feel free to email me. I love to talk "music", especially if it's kids' music that was meant to be fun for adults, too! I'll be adding to this list periodically so come back and check again soon!

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