Birth Your Way Jax




I Just HAD to Breastfeed!

It's very interesting to me that so many parents who fed their children "synthetic breastmilk" AKA "artificial baby milk" ("ABM") AKA "formula" feel the overwhelming need to justify their choices. You never hear women who breastfeed making excuses for *THAT* choice...

Well, I just *HAD* to breastfeed. We couldn't afford to buy ABM.

I was just too lazy to wash all those bottles and mix up that formula.

I just breastfed because I couldn't stand to deal with a constipated, sick baby.

I just didn't want to have to buy baby vitamins.

I decided to just go ahead and breastfeed because my DH didn't want to help me feed the baby.

I didn't want to have to look for a way to heat bottles of ABM when we were out of the house.

I know it's lazy, but I just decided to breastfeed until s/he decided to quit because I couldn't cope with the hassle of weaning.

I didn't want to have to get up at night and trudge around looking for a bottle so I just took the lazy way out and breastfed.

Oh, my reasons for breastfeeding were purely selfish - I didn't want to have to change those smelly formula-generated diapers.