A Poem about Nursing in Public

By Sheila Stubbs, La Leche League Leader and Author of Birthing the Easy Way

Here's a poem I wrote several years ago when I was in a situation where I asked myself: Should I nurse here and shock those nearby who will see me, or make the baby wait, fussing and crying until everyone in the building is staring at me?

One Monday morning I went to buy food
Like always, my toddler was not in the mood
Of course at the checkout the whining grew worse
And it was clear that the baby was wanting to nurse.
As he started to cry I was all in a tizzy
And someone impatiently said, "Aren't YOU busy!"
People were sighing and rolling their eyes
At this poor flustered woman and her baby's cries
"Now everyone's staring!" I thought in my head...

So I breastfed right there, while they bagged up my bread.

Breastfeeding in Public
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