Hanging Out at the Truckstop

Contributed by Elisa H. Casey

When my daughter was about 4 weeks old, we drove to visit my husband's parents. My baby started to get a little fussy just before the last good exit before the one to get to their home. Since we were only about 20 minutes away, we decided to go ahead and try to make it. Wrong move, just for the record. We wound up having to take the exit between that one and theirs. The only place of business there is a truck stop. I sat down to nurse her in a pretty decent chair. We got comfortable, and I latched her on pretty easily. Only then did I discover that I had the mens' room on the right and a mural of a Western type bar scene with scantily clad women (and one frontal nude) in front of me. I must say that's the most amusing place I've nursed a baby yet. I'm afraid that one will be hard to top for me. :-) None of the guys even really seemed to notice - or care if they did notice.

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