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Combining Breastfeeding and Shift Work

I received these inspiring words from a mom named Vivian who gave me permission to share them with my website readers. Her story is a good illustration of what a determined breastfeeding mom can do to ensure that her baby gets the very best!

Hi, my name is Vivian. I am a single, working mother of two daughters. I work at the local hospital, putting in three consecutive twelve hour shifts and then have four days off with my daughters. I am currently breastfeeding my nine month old daughter. Fortunately, through a lot of hard work, I have not had to supplement her daily meals with formula.

During my shifts, I pump four to five times each day. I have always had difficulty pumping enough. On average, I get four ounces per pumping session. In order to ensure supply for my daughter, I pump at home A LOT.

I returned to work when my daughter was exactly six weeks old. I started pumping when she was five days old (the day my milk came in) and have not stopped since. I use a Medela Pump-In-Style. It gets the job done.

My goal is to pump at least for one year, and I'm almost there! My desire is to nurse into toddlerhood! In August, right after Gracie's first birthday, I am beginning college. I plan to do whatever it takes to keep on pumping and continue our nursies!

Vivian and Her Girls
Vivian and Her Beautiful Breastfed Daughters